Home Security Systems & Commercial

With over 20 years’ of experience in the security and electrical industry, Jim’s Security are specialists in providing a complete range of high-quality and reliable security systems, configurations and installations, designed to protect the things that matter to you.

Our security specialists take pride in providing systems and solutions that not only deter criminal action but also provide you with an effective, reliable and convenient approach to maximise control over your property.

We take the time to assess your security requirements so that we can provide you with the best security systems and solutions for your property type, size and requirements.




Having an alarm system is a great way to protect you, your loved ones and possessions from harm or criminal action. However, it cannot properly protect your loved ones and belongings if you are away from the property and cannot hear the alarm trigger.

Our 24/7 alarm monitoring service will ensure you and the police are notified as soon as your alarm is triggered, ensuring you the peace of mind you need that you and your family are best protected all day, everyday.



At Jim’s Security, we understand just how important it is to offer the best protection to our family, especially in the home.

Video intercom systems enable you to see who is outside your house before letting them in, providing you with peace of mind that you and your family are only allowing entry to people you trust.



In many situations, a lock and key does not provide enough security to your employees, family or possessions. Our keyless electronic access control systems provide a greater level of security to a property’s entrance, no matter the size or type of property.

Losing a key is a very easy thing to do and when it is lost it can be easily copied which can increase the risk of someone illegally entering your property without your permission. To reduce the risk of this, locks and keys must be replaced which can be very expensive and inconvenient. Ourkeyless entry systems provide a much more effective, reliable, convenient and affordable security solution for both residential and commercial properties.



Our reliable electronic burglar and intruder alarm systems are designed to put you and your family’s mind at ease.

Our burglar and intruder alarms are designed to firstly deter any criminals and secondly to alert the home owner, business owner or security monitoring company immediately at any illegal attempt at entry.



Jim’s Security are specialists in providing and installing CCTV security cameras to help property owners protect their loved ones and belongings.

With well over 20 years’ worth of experience and backed by the Jim’s banner, we have high standards in providing only the best CCTV security systems and services to ensure our customers are well protected against criminal actions and canprovide visual evidence for identification purposes if criminal activity does occur.


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