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Thinking about investing in security for your Sydney home or office, but not sure if CCTV is better than an Intruder Alarm, what Alarm Monitoring really is or how Video Intercoms and Electronic Access can work for you?

Jim’s Security Sydney brings over 20 years of experience in Intruder Alarms and Security management to the task. Genuinely local, friendly and licensed, our professionals make a great starting point when you’re looking into your security options. We know there’s no one-cut rule for effective security – that’s why we visit you in person, assess the unique security needs of your property and provide the right advice from the get-go.

Domestic & Small Business Intruder Alarms

Robbery and theft are on the rise in Sydney, so chances are you or someone you know has recently been robbed. Even the most basic Intruder Alarm systems can provide enough of a deterrent for would-be robbers; and it doesn’t cost as much as you think.

Jim’s Security Sydney supply, install, configure and maintain an industry-leading range of CCTV systems, Intruder Alarm Systems, Video Intercom Systems and Electronic Access devices for both homes and small businesses – as well as manage your Alarm Monitoring, right here in Sydney.

There’s no clear-cut way to secure a property. Sometimes a strategically placed CCTV camera is all that’s required; sometimes it will take CCTV plus a quality Intruder Alarm which is Alarm Monitored, or an expert combination of integrated Video Intercom or Electronic Access Systems to ensure complete security.

Our systems are effective, easy to use from day to day and tailored specifically to your property, and our budget. Jim’s Security Sydney will visit you in person absolutely free of charge to assess your property and design a customised security system which will protect you and your way of life.

Alarm Monitoring Sydney

If you’re in Sydney we recommend fitting your Intruder Alarm with an Alarm Monitoring system. This added security feature means that when your Intruder Alarm is triggered, the Alarm Monitoring system will notify our Sydney Grade A1 ASIAL Certified Monitoring Centre; prompting a response from an armed guard, or the police. Your Alarm Monitoring System will even notify you personally that the alarm has been triggered, wherever you are! Jim’s Security Sydney can even integrate your CCTV into your Alarm Monitoring system for added effectiveness, ensuring your property is under surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If Alarm Monitoring is right for your Sydney property, you may be eligible for reduced rate insurance!

Sydney’s best Video Intercoms & Electronic Access Systems

Jim’s Security Sydney are proud to offer the best range of Video Intercoms and Electronic Access Systems (keyless entry) in Sydney. Ideal not only for businesses and offices all over Sydney but for the home as well, a Video Intercom will reveal who is outside, giving you back control over who can enter. Ask your professional from Jim’s Security Sydney to incorporate your Video Intercoms with your CCTV for a more complete security strategy.

Electronic Access Control

Sydneysiders need never worry about the security risks of losing their keys again, with an electronic access control system fitted throughout their home or business. With Electronic Access Control, you have the power to “change the locks” at any time; without those expensive Locksmith fees. Choose  a Biometric (fingerprinting) access system, or stay with the more traditional keypad design, and even configure your phone, tablet or device to remotely activate access control, for real peace of mind.

A name you can trust

Jim’s Security Sydney is a name you can trust in Security. We offer full warranties for all products installed and supplied by us, and great deals for ongoing Alarm Monitoring and regular maintenance and testing for your systems.

The first step is always the hardest; let us take it with you! We’re always available and willing to assist you with your enquiry, answer your questions or arrange a free no-obligation quote, simply give us a call on 131 546 or lodge an enquiry online.

It’s not secure unless it’s secured with Jim’s Security Sydney!

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