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With over 20 years’ experience in Security, the Professionals here at Jim’s Security Perth know better than anyone what it takes to protect your home or businesses from robbery. Jim’s Security Perth answer Perth’s 5 biggest security FAQ’s:



CCTV Systems Perth

  1. I’ve heard CCTV works. Is it the best way to protect my home from robbery?

CCTV does work! Especially if you’ve been robbed before or know someone locally who has been robbed, we recommend getting CCTV as a minimum for your property. In Perth, strategically placed CCTV Systems can be a powerful deterrent for would-be burglars – in fact, the majority of convicted burglars say they would intentionally avoid a property under 24 hour surveillance. Backed up by a quality Intruder Alarm, CCTV Systems Perth is a great place to start. Jim’s Security Perth will assess your property and provide a free no-obligation quote.

  1. I need to get an Intruder Alarm for my Perth property. Where do I start? Is Alarm Monitoring for me?

Getting an Intruder Alarm is a great way to protect businesses and properties all around Perth and surrounds. There are so many makes and models available; standalone and integrated Intruder Alarm systems, systems which can be timed or remotely activated – each brand and type of Intruder Alarm offers various features and benefits. The best place to start is to call a licensed professional to assess your home or property and help you choose the best Intruder Alarm for your needs and budget.

Consider choosing a system and provider which offers Alarm Monitoring. This added precaution will mean your place is protected when you are not there. When triggered, an Intruder Alarm will activate the Alarm Monitoring system, notifying Perth Police and alerting you of an intruder. Jim’s Security Perth can configure and manage your Alarm Monitoring for you, ask our professionals for a quote.

Burgler Alarms Perth

If you choose Alarm Monitoring, tell your insurance agency. You may be eligible for a discount.

  1. What does the NBN mean for my Intruder Alarm, Video Intercom and CCTV?

The Australian Government NBN initiative has started rolling out in Perth, so call your security professional before you upgrade. Most intruder alarms fitted to homes and businesses around Perth are set for Alarm Monitoring; which may be affected when an Intruder Alarm system is triggered. Your Alarm Monitoring system will attempt to call the central monitoring centre on the old landline. During the NBN upgrade, most of these lines will be replaced. Contact Jim’s Security Perth on 131 546 for NBN advice. Integrated CCTV and Video Intercoms may also be affected.

  1. What are the benefits of Video Intercoms and electronic access?

Video Intercoms are extremely useful for protecting Perth properties and businesses. Coupled with an effective electronic access system, a Video Intercom setup allows you to see who is outside your house, before you grant them entry. Electronic door release features can be integrated with Video Intercoms.

Thinking of upgrading to electronic access from traditional keys and locks? We think this is a great idea! Electronic access systems enable you to “change the locks” on your home whenever you want, without the expensive locksmith fees. Plus you can remotely unlock and lock your home – and with Electronic Access, you never run the security risk of losing your keys. Just some of the many benefits! Call Jim’s Security Perth for more benefits and features.

  1. My security system is getting old. How do I know my Intruder Alarm and CCTV is still working?

Keep your security system in good order by arranging for routine maintenance. This is inexpensive and can even be yearly. Jim’s Security Perth offer great maintenance rates to have your Intruder Alarm, Alarm Monitoring system, CCTV system, Video Intercoms and Electronic Access systems tested and maintained by our Perth professionals – for real security peace of mind.

Can’t find your question here? Jim’s Security Perth are happy to take all enquiries, to answer your questions, book you in for an assessment or to arrange your free no-obligation quote. Stay safe in Perth; with Jim’s Security.

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