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5 must-do’s for protecting your home after a break-in

Has your home, a neighbours home or the home of someone you know been broken into? It can be frightening! As the experts in home security for over 20 years, the most common question we get asked here at Jim’s Security Brisbane is “how do I protect my home after a break-in?”

Here are our 5 must-do’s for dealing with a break-in, and how to get protected.

In Brisbane, the number must-do after a break-in is to have an Intruder Alarm installed. It is common for an intruder to invade a home a second time (especially once they know the layout of the home and what is there which is worth taking) so if you have been the victim of a break-in, investing in an Intruder Alarm is essential.

There are many different types available at all different price points, offering very different features and benefits; so it’s best to speak to a real professional who will assess your property and match it with the right Intruder Alarm. Jim’s Security Brisbane will provide advice and a quote, free of charge.

Almost all convicted burglars in Brisbane said they would intentionally avoid a home fitted with an Intruder Alarm – so if you don’t have one you may become a target.  An Intruder Alarm will protect you when you’re away, or at night – by alerting you to a break-in the second it happens.

As an extra step, you should also consider Alarm Monitoring. Alarm Monitoring links your Intruder Alarm to the police, who in Brisbane are notified directly if it is triggered. Alarm monitoring is an extremely effective way of protecting your home and business – which is why more and more people are choosing Alarm Monitoring as their key security approach in Brisbane.

If you go with Alarm Monitoring, let your insurance company know – you could be eligible for a discount!

  • CCTV Cameras Brisbane

If you’ve been robbed before, installing a CCTV system can be a powerful deterrent. Jim’s Security Brisbane recommends CCTV as a must-have part of any security strategy. When placed by an experienced professional, a CCTV system will strengthen the security of any property, and is a great option for businesses for total 24 hour surveillance.

There are some fantastic new technologies available in this area, so think about how you want CCTV to work for you.  Many systems allow for integration with smartphones, tablets and laptops so CCTV footage can be monitored securely from any location; ideal if you are often away.

  • Consider a Video Intercom

Video Intercoms are now very common in both households and offices in and around Brisbane – that’s because they let you see who is outside before you grant them access.  Similar to Intruder Alarms and other available security equipment, there are an overwhelming number of Video Intercom systems to choose from – so get some proper advice before you buy one.

Most Video Intercom Systems offer some great integration with other devices such as electronic door release, and electronic access control; so if you are investing in a Video Intercom make sure it is compatible with other systems you may be using.

Jim’s Security Brisbane supply, install and configure a great variety of electronic access control and will put together a full package, so compatibility is never an issue.

  • Get keyless Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control is really keyless entry. These are often not cheap but are a great investment and come with the added bonus of being able to “change the locks” any time you like – without a locksmith and their expensive fees! Unlike your traditional lock and key, Electronic Access Control Systems are very difficult to crack.

Modern Electronic Access Control systems available in Brisbane even offer Biometric (Fingerprint) activation and swipe-card readers as well as traditional keypad systems, and can be used to automate gates as well.

Intruder Alarms, Keyless access and other Security Systems require regular upkeep and attention. Even if you’ve invested in a really effective system, it won’t keep your property safe if it isn’t maintained! Ask Jim’s Security Brisbane about joining a maintenance plan. This is usually only a once a year visit to test and check all your systems are working, and your home is still protected.

It doesn’t cost much – and you’ll find a great deal of peace in knowing your home is well protected.

Being robbed or burgled can be frightening – and it’s not just you valuable possessions at stake. When an unauthorised intruder enters your home, your way of life is at threat – so getting protected is important.

If you’re in Brisbane or surrounds, Jim’s Security Brisbane are your local security professionals. With over 20 years of experience, you can be sure your home or office is in the very best of hands. For a free no-obligation quote get in touch, all enquiries are welcome.

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