Melbourne CCTV Camera Systems.

Do you know what CCTV is? It is the acronym for Closed-Captioned Television, and is a very popular monitoring and recording method for home and business security systems. It offers the subscriber the option to have their premises monitored via security cameras that feed into a central recording system that allows for playback in the event of an incident. Jims offers Supply and installation of security systems across Melbourne.

This method is often highly successful in courts of law where thieving and burglary occur, and leads to high conviction rates. When you sign-up for a CCTV package, you are putting yourself into a safe zone because you can monitor your assets from a computer, cell phone, or any other device that you setup to get a direct, live feed of the premises, all during real-time. You can also rewind the footage to playback events that happened in the past so you can have evidence of an event.

There are plenty of fun options as well to help you keep an eye on the place, such as set it up by your bird feeder and watch your bird feeder from the office. Keep an eye on the traffic in your neighbourhood. See when the mailman visits your house. Keep an eye on the action when you are away, and always be in the know. Here are some things to look for when you have your new CCTV unit installed:

  • unusual noises, such as someone screaming for help
  • a vehicle that seems to be “casing” the neighbourhood
  • furniture being removed from homes when the owners are on vacation or at work
  • an abandoned car
  • a stranger looking into homes or parked cars
  • unusual activities of pets, such as a dog barking that is normally quiet
  • a salesperson going door to door who doesn’t have proper identification

Want to get the extra benefits of CCTV screening? Some of the higher end options include programmable CCTV options such as face recognition, motion detection, as well as other database security options (by request). For areas that have been repeatedly vitimized, we offer a top-end screening package for remote screening that gives a silent alarm to the headquarters so that help is on the way if there is ever an event where burglary or break-ins may be possible. You can adjust your security settings to fit you needs, and be rest-assured that our Melbourne office is standing by to give you all the backup you need.

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