Alarm System Monitoring Adelaide

What does it take to secure your property? With 20 years of experience securing homes and businesses all across Adelaide, the experts at Jim’s Security Adelaide share their top tips for keeping your place safe and sound:

If you’re not sure where to start with securing your property, consider a CCTV system. Effective CCTV is an essential first step for keeping your home or office safe in and around Adelaide. If you’re concerned about ruining your home’s character with cameras, don’t worry – effective coverage is possible without excessive surveillance when placed by the experts.

Our skilled and experienced team will assess the property and strategically place CCTV system for the best possible coverage, maintaining your property’s look and feel.

In Adelaide, the majority of convicted burglars choose not to break into properties which are alarmed. Intruder Alarms are therefore one of the biggest investments you can make when it comes to security; and with Jim’s Security there’s a cost effective option for you. Jim’s Security Adelaide can offer a great range of quality Intruder Alarm systems, plus install and configure them specifically to meet your property’s needs.

Intruder Alarms protect against unwanted intruders and also act as a deterrent – security gold!

  • Alarm Monitoring

If you want to step-up security around your home or business in Adelaide, we recommend an active Alarm Monitoring system. When an alarm is triggered, you and the police will be electronically notified, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alarm Monitoring is like an extra set of eyes you can trust to keep your place safe and secure! Whether you’re at home or you’re away, enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your place is safe.

Jim’s Security Adelaide will supply, install and configure your system, and show you how easy it is to arm and disarm for convenient everyday use.

  • Video Intercoms

If you’re home with the kids during the day, a Video Intercom is a security must-have. Video Intercoms reveal who is outside your house, eliminating the risk of letting in unwanted visitors. Jim’s Security Adelaide can even link your Video Intercom to your CCTV for continuous surveillance and recorded entry. Ideal for homes and offices and for commercial use, your Video Intercom will become your personal bouncer!

  • Get electronic access control

Electronic access control is our final tip for first-class security here in Adelaide. Electronic Access Control is essentially a keyless entry system; Jim’s Security Adelaide even supplies the latest in biometric (fingerprint) entry systems – so losing your keys doesn’t result in a security risk to your home. There’s some outstanding technology available on the market today – Electronic Access Control can even be made remote (through your smartphone or tablet) for ultimate entry control.

For more tips, expert advice and professional support, give Jim’s Security Adelaide a call or lodge an enquiry online. We will answer all your security questions and provide real, workable security solutions for you based on your unique needs and budget.

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